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GIF.TV is everything a website should be. Simple and Random. Which is a hard thing to come by in a “the users provide us content under the context of social media” world that the internet seems immersed in.

Everything about the design of this site, and its seemingly endless catalogue of seemingly-endless-looping gif images, speak volumes to me. A click of a button will send you in a random direction to things that built memes and to the nostalgia of when you first discovered a looping gif in an email or on the forum wall. Stay for a couple of minutes and soon you will realise that an hour passed. Addiction at its Finest couldn’t be more apt.

This still haunts me.

Archive Team
Remember GeoCities. Probably not. It used to host around 7 million sites and 38 million pages, most of them dating back to a time when the internet was mostly dial-up and Hackers was considered a current release (and when Angelina Jolie was such a tomboy). Anyway, its funny how things turn out, because back in 2009, Yahoo turned off the servers that held GeoCities. Yahoo had no plans on keeping backups or archives. To a number of people, including the volunteers of Archive Team, this was pretty much the equivalent to travelling back in time and burning down the Library of Alexandria.

Archive Team were the ones that raced to download all of the GeoCities sites they could and then a year later, they torrented all 640Gb of it.

Jason Scott is the face of Archive Team I know of, this is his blog. Earlier this month, Jason presented a speech at DefCon19

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