I have been busy. Sadly, the because of work and the other multitude of little things that have happened over the nearly two months, have meant that this blog takes the back burner.

So here’s a list of things I have been up to, without going into too much detail

– Fix a fallen over enterprise backup system
– Fall of my bike and injure myself enough to be concerned about the lump it left behind.
– Go to the CRDL Roller Derby Finals and write a blog post about it and never published it.
– Write scripts for the Beginnings Anthology and fail to get them within the required page length.
– Take care of a co-workers fish and not kill it, so far.
– Miss a friend’s birthday.
– Bought some art from Ben Newman
– Reminisce about my trip to Japan and not publish what I wrote.
– Gain a new book case, but fail to fill it, despite the boxes of books I have lying around.
– Scan in a stack of my drawings to play around with the drawing tablet.

That’s about it.

I’ll write more about the more interesting things a little later.

One thought on “Back

  1. Yay, good to see you posting again, hope to hear about the derby, Japan reminiscing and how your healing up after your fall. Today Toowoomba had a ‘tweed bike ride’. It was essentially a big critical mass, but in tweed, and 40’s outfits. Awesome to watch

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