Infinite Kung Fu

I recently picked up Infinite Kung Fu


The Skinny
Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod is a story about kung fu and zombies. And at one point, robots.

The Look
Kagan McLeod has gone to great lengths to capture the look and feel of just about any Shaw Brothers film and graphic novel that got shipped from the East. The cover is a brush-and-pen action shot with the staple bilingual title. The frames and pages are well-paced for both action and dialogue. The numerous fight scenes look like the storyboards for a high-end choreographed fight, sans the wire-fu.

The Story
As the living dead roam the earth, the Emperor has sent his five generals to recover this armour which has been scattered to the corners of the world for a dark and cruel purpose. It’s up to ex-soldier Yang Lei Kung, with the help of the Eight Immortals, to restore the balance to the world. And this can only be achieved through Infinite Kung Fu!

The Verdict
Infinite Kung Fu does to martial arts movies the same thing that Ghostbusters did for the occult and Carnackian ghost stories. I couldn’t sleep one night and read the whole thing through and the line “Rage of the Screaming Centipede!” has been the best name for a kung fu move that I have heard in years. Definitely worth a buy.

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