Holiday Time

So the next four days, I will not be working. At least that is the plan. Chances are things will go sideways, it will be up to me to sort it out. Anyway, I can work from home (which I am relieved about, because work is out in the sticks in a secret location) and I have vodka and gin here, so things should be okay in the aftermath at least.

My whole Christmas thing is nearly over. All my shit got sorted out last weekend, meaning I’m not really expecting or expected to do anything except turn up and not embarrass myself or others. Sounds simple.

I’m just wondering what to do next. Normally, when I consider writing another blog post, it’s midnight and I have a truckload of work to do the next day. One problem is not having enough time and fighting the future for it, and the other problem is when you have too much time and then you get to thinking…and that’s when the real trouble begins.

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