Break Time

Taking a break for a week or so. Mostly from work, which has been absorbing my time and energy. But this is what happens when people leave for different jobs and it turns out your the most experienced person around.

Also I have been in this town for five years now. I meant to post something about it, but I was some kind of slug-like creature and got distracted by watching most of the episodes of Futurama.

Also one of several projects, which I refuse to give any details about, has moved ahead slightly, meaning that I might need to ask for more people to become involved.

I know that by “taking a break” I might not be able to post as much as I like, despite the fact that the “Updated Weekly, Sometime More. Sometimes Less” on the right there, should be more of a rule and less like something I completely ignore.

So I’ll conclude with another paste up from Abyss.


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