…And We’re Back…Again

So I’ve been gone a month. I want to blame work. And work is definitely to blame. Since about March I’ve been the ‘Go-To’ guy for various problems. Which is unfortunate for me because I was in the unique position of having historical knowledge and possessing certain skills to resolve some of those problems. Its a Sword of Damocles that hovers very low.

There is also the fact that I was unimpressed with the service I was receiving from my old webhosts. It was mostly had to do with updating some software on the servers that I was on, moving me to another server and not telling me that it was moved, and the problems they might have had when they attempted to move me. So to say the least, I was not impressed.

There’s also the fact that I have to help coach a couple of people on look after their websites, as I’m finding very little free time where I have both the energy and the drive to continue looking over the stuff.

So now that I have finally found the time to migrate and get things running again. So now that I am back, again, its time to get things running again.

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