Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art Night

I went to the inaugural Dr Sketchy’s for this town with Sam (twitter), one of my buddies from the ACT Comic Meet. Titled It’s A Private Affair and held in the Tuggeranong Art Centre was a fun outing. Local burlesque performers ran through a couple of routines and strike poses for us, the crowd to draw. There was also Moochers Inc, who looked and sounded like they were pulled from the decks of a paddle steamer about to go up river for a booze cruise.

Overall, it was pretty good show supplemented with wine and canapes and a best/worst drawing of the evening, with prizes in the form of a comic book by Molly Crabapple.

There is another event on July 6, called “Sins of the Flesh” and since the first one was sold out, I’m expecting greater demand next time around.

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