Reading this BoingBoing review kickstarted a memory for me. I had seen snippets of Leviathan before, particularly the design of the demon, Hastur. I really cannot recall whether I saw it in a 2000AD or not. Afterwards it became something lodged in shopping list in the back of my head. Well the last weekend I managed to pick up a copy of the trade of Leviathan, which contains the main story plus a couple of extras in between the covers. And then I read it. Twice.


Leviathan is story that is locked between Titanic and The Flying Dutchman. Its a cruise liner that is a mile long and half a mile in height, and has been lost at sea for more than twenty years. Its crew and passengers trapped in a Sargasso-like limbo. The secret behind this mystery lies in the ship’s architect, Sir William Ashbless, and the thing that lies in the heart of the engine room.

The story and art are by the team of Ian Edginton and D’Israeli. The art is solid all the way through. Most of the panels keep to solid blacks and whites, leaving this feeling that the occupants are like old ghosts trapped in celluloid film stock. Detail is only issued when it is absolutely necessary. The writing is exemplary, giving enough for you to keep reading and plenty of nice little passages throughout. The design of Hastur I particularly enjoyed, along with the monstrous Stokers. Both are like a nice slice of a mythos or two.

Leviathan is a solid story bound together with classic art. Its worth picking up just prior to hitting the decks for cruise I think. You can pick it up from 2000AD or your LCS.

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