Links of Interest

Here is a few things that I forgot the last time I posted.

Giannis Milonogiannis

Currently an artist of the new Prophet. Milonogiannis reminds of the day when Masamune Shirow was making manga about cyborgs and such in the ’90s. He’s a guy you should keep an eye on…

Eldritch! – Drew Rausch and Aaron Alexovich
Its a nice mini-series of the neo-lovecraftian kind, about a brother, a sister and a terrible squamous infection. They are coming out with a hardcover soon, but you can buy in digital format, which is neat to purchase PDFs instead of signing up to Comixology (I’m a late, late adopter, so ignore me for now).

I would have included the full preview, but you can just go here. It was a really ride. I’ll probably pick up the hardcover when it comes out.

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