Music Update

So I’ve been buying a few digital albums of late. I used to be particular and purchase CDs, mainly because it was part of the fact that I liked to hold something in my hand. But a lot of these purchases are for things where ordering a CD would be difficult, as the work might be out of print. So here’s the things that have stood out as of late.

BroadcastBerberian Sound Studio
I have to watch this film at some point. Broadcast were a fantastic band, and now seem like a solo project of Jim Cargill since the unfortunate death of Trish Keenan. It definitely captures the sound of an old Italian horror film, and this soundtrack is probably the spookiest thing I have listened to since Fantomas’ Delirium Cordia (which is a seventy-minute death trip of surgery without anaesthesia, mind) Future Crayon is also a recent purchase, which I recommend because of the drums. But you should just get on Bleep and buy all of their LPs to listen to every haunted song they made.

Amon TobinIsam
A YouTube video put me onto a recording of a live show that I wish I went to. Isam is an intersting album in the sense that it has a series of sounds, heavy and dark and experimental that I had been looking for for a little while now. When I was watching the video, I immediately thought, you that random music with heavy bass and random breaks, this is it. The video haunted me for a couple of days, before I caved and bought it from NinjaTune.

Sigur RosKveikur
Album of the Year. Go buy it, stick on repeat for months on end. I’m basically writing a new thing set to this. If you haven’t heard of Sigur Ros before, now you have, and why don’t you have their albums yet?

Boards of CanadaTomorrow’s Harvest
After a years since their last album The Campfire Headphase, it’s nice to have their latest album, which still has that signature sound that BOC are known for. But if they came out with something completely new, I wouldn’t be surprised. I had heard that the duo released a series of vinyls on World Record Day. Yet to confirm that.

Equally important news:
Sunn O))) released everything they made on BandCamp. If you like drone, you should already own each of these now, since their eight dollars a pop.

Also Venetian Snares has been uploading certain releases on BandCamp as well. This is important, as most of his older and indie stuff is not in print. And if you’re a person who wants to hear a messed up version of Sesame Street’s Twelve song, then you need to download Infolepsy. And then put it on repeat.

You’re welcome. Nowshutupandpayme.

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