New Arrivals

Here’s a couple of things that arrived in the post early.


Humans of New York
I received my copy of the HONY book, something I’ve been excited about for a while. HONY is a website, solely featuring portraits of denizens of that mighty and terrible city, and how each of them try to become better people. It’s the kind of project, that even with a hundred Brandon Stantons all working tirelessly as this one does, it would still not even come closely as to meet each and every New Yorker. It’s an immense work and he does it spectacularly. So I have to salute that guy. I can’t wear a baseball cap like he does.
Humans of New York (Amazon)

I also got my copy of Andrew Loomis’ Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth. I’ve been wanting this book when it reproduced two years ago. I have previously written about Successful Drawing, which is a fantastic guide to learn how to draw (hint: it’s about 90% perspective and composition). Naturally, I cannot wait to find the time to read through both of these.
Figure Drawing…

You’ll note that the HONY book is still in its shrink wrap. And I haven’t even glanced at the Loomis book. That’s how busy I’ve been today…

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