Moulin Bruise Derby Grand Final


I went and saw the Derby Grand Final on the weekend. I meant to write a more meaningful article than this, but I guess the days got away from me. So here’s some notes:

It feels rare to see a ‘derby match at the AIS. There was a year which you could not keep the derby away from the place. Someone in the seating above me is already losing her voice to yelling for her team. New rules have made this game harder and faster.

The Surly Griffins and Red Belly Black Hearts were the first to duke it out for third place. This is the appetiser for the match the ‘core fans have waiting for.

Bambi von Smasher is a veteran of the track, making it look easy and making it difficult for her opponents.

The people below me and next to me seem quiet, chatting amongst each other – their peace occasionally broken by the caterwauling of the now duo above them – causing heads to turn.

It’s a fairly close match throughout, the Surly Griffins got an early lead, but the Red Belly Black Hearts quickly caught up.

(beyond half-time of the second match of the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles against the Brindabelters – I caught up with a friend and I dropped my journalism)

Shortstop’s experience, talent and speed gives her a clear advantage over other players. Valhannah and Sideshow Ali scored more than their share of points.

Freudian Slit and Shaggle Frock worked hard for the ‘Belters, but they could not catch the ‘Belles distant lead made in the first half.

Valhannah skates hard and you can see it in her form. Tactics of daisy chaining to combat the opposing team’s power jam is effectively in slowing down the scoring, but not the speed of the game.

The final jam made in that sudden death round in the post final, the captains of both teams, Pink Mist and Valhannah duelling for a final chance at points.

The final score – Black ‘n’ Blue Belles – 201 – Brindabelters – 137

Night everyone.

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