Zine Vending Machine

CZEzinevendmachSo Thursday night I attended the Zine Vending Machine Launch at the start of You Are Here. The director of ArtsACT, David Whitney, made an intro and vended a couple of zines (one of which, I’m glad to say, was mine). The machine itself is a wholly mechanical affair, requiring no electricity to run, simply put in a two dollar coin and turn the handle to get a zine. The vending machine will stay in the Money Bin where it will be relocated to Gorman House for the Zine/DIY Fair.

In the machine there is:

  • Sunset by Emma
  • Cafe by Alice
  • Things I Like by Juker
  • Plant Sounds 2012 by Paul Summerfield
  • Nic & Craig go to Japan by Nic Lawson
  • Crotch by Ampersand Duck
  • The Desired Effect by Bernie Slater
  • My Canberra by Zoë Anderson
  • This is Zine of Small Pictures by Raphel Kabo
  • Better Things To Do by Pete Huet
  • Boldly Sweetie by Spae
  • and, Unbroken Poetry, which is by me.

For slightly more details go to the You Are Here official Site, or hit up the Canberra Zine Emporium

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