CZE Zine Fair

It’s the end of the ten-day You Are Here Festival and it’s time for another zine fair, organised by the people of the Canberra Zine Emporium and held at Gorman House. It was a heck of a day. I picked up a few zines here and there and I’ll cover these off in reviews throughout the week.

There was a lot going on, with The Sticky Institute was there naturally and me being completely unable to photograph Luke… Robert Messenger from the Australian Typewriter Museum had a table to show off the machines of yesteryear. The ACT Comic Meet held a table with a variety of their works, along with workshops on producing comics. And the Zine Vending Machine was there, dispensing whenever people shoved money into it. Gorman House was a great venue, there was ample space for plenty of tables, and people to walk and talk and see something new.

I shared a table with David, who put together a well illustrated piece based around the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. I was trying to hock my Unbroken Poetry Zine, stickers and the Japanese Staplers I bought.

All up a busy day. I took a few pictures, sold some stuff and made a few new connections.


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