Zine Reviews Part Two

So over the last two weeks I collected a lot of zines. Normally I go for a longer review process, but I’m pressed for time. So here goes. I picked these up while not minding my table at the Canberra Zine Emporium’s Zine Fair.

Dead Red
A re-telling of Red Riding Hood, illustrated by David Opie. Nice dark ink illustrations throughout.

Collateral Damage
Is about ordinary people living under the shadow of superheroes and the damage they cause while protecting the city. There’s some fine line work, but I don’t know about the tea-stained-style washes.

One of the few zines put out by the Refugee Art Project, contains the art and comics of those currently incarcerated in Villawood Detention Centre. Powerful stuff.

Early Music
This local record label put together a zine of photos drawing and rough designs for their mobile recording tent.

Rubble Bubs for Prez
A collection of party posters that were sent out by a share house.

World’s Only
Music mini-mags covering musicians that lie under the surface of the eclectic scene I chase.

Delusions of Buffy
Where Kristen Joy takes us through her history of training in martial arts.

(Title Unknown)
I have no idea what this was, I just know it came from here.

Bernie Slater put together a book that’s just QR codes which lead to a story. Remember seeing this as a printed matter exhibition in Waston.

Sanity’s Edge
Where LW digs up her old MUD account and reminisces about old text-based online adventures.

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