Absenses & News

If things have been quiet here, it’s because I have recently moved to a new place. Something with a lot more space and where I can slowly expand like the hoarder that I am. I can safely say that there is definitely enough room for my bookcase and desk now.

There is one problem – I don’t have an internet connection yet. (I have phone internet. But phone internet is fickle and costly. Meaning I cannot plumb the depths of tumblr.) So, at the time of writing this, I’ve landed in an empty hotel bar, on account that it is normally quiet and there’s free wi-fi to update on little bits and pieces.

As I spent a lot of time looking for a new place to live, I neglected to work on other things, namely book a place to stay in Sydney during SupaNova. So now every hotel is around the four-hundred-per-night mark, which makes even just a day trip a ridiculously expensive affair. So I won’t be going to that, because frankly it’s too tiring to bus there and back on the same day.


In glyph-related news, I have a new book, Lost Translations. It will cost about the same as the last one, basically because I picked a difficult format and there’s some colour to it as well. Updates about it will be on my tumblr.

As for the previous book, Unbroken Poetry, I think there are only two places that have them in stock: The Sticky Institute and Altenburg & Co. Once I hear word that they have sold out, I’ll either make a second printing, or offer a pdf version from the site.

In other glyph-related news, I submitted an entry to the Emerging Exhibition Prize at M16ArtSpace. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the grade and the prize has gone to someone else. So now I have a bunch of glyphs ready to be framed, but nowhere to be, at least for now.

Since its been nearly two weeks since the zine-fairs, I should have some reviews of the purchases I made from both of them.

Also when other things start to quiet down, I’m getting back into writing. I have things that remain unfinished.

Also I managed to purchase Transmetropolitan on Comixology. It is one of my favourite series and I re-read it every time I forget pieces of it. This is the kind of series that HBO or AMC (or maybe even the History Channel, wouldn’t that be weird?!) would pick up, fill full of character actors, and then go to the hardware store for the money rakes. If Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Hannibal have proven anything, is that being a bastard can make you a winner. And Transmet is full of bastards, blood, tits and dark times. It’s also handy for the writers of the show to know where the finish line is. The same can be said for the inevitable Dune remake, which will probably get the same rendition as Hannibal did. There was a lot in that first novel. Important things that were taken out of the David Lynch film and the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries. If it were to become a TV series, I would even like them to step away and play with the source material a bit.


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