So I spent part of my Saturday sitting in at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre, and ran with some sketching. It was arranged that I be there, for exactly what purpose, wasn’t entirely clear. Though I did meet a handful of people who wanted to kill a bit of time in the gallery.

Zinestars is a joint show of zine makers in Canberra, including illustrator Paul Summerfield, mural/graffiti artist Byrd, Ampersand Duck who runs a letterpress studio, zine maker and activist Bernie Slater, Nat of the Canberra Zine Emporium and myself.

As everyone involved has different backgrounds, each of the contributors have put something markedly different to the others. Nat posted up copies of zines she made or collected, along with a glass wunderkammer of sorts, with her notes, gear and other keepsakes. Bernie hung some collage work, which I honestly didn’t expect. Ampersand Duck curated old books and ephemera on a floating shelf. Paul plastered up illustrations and poster work. Byrd made a effigy of his workspace out of cardboard, including a computer, with keyboard and mouse, rug and an overhead projector. Lastly, I stuck with some of the calligraphy in frames and a album of sketches and original work.

The show runs until the 23rd August, which will also feature a zine fair at the Art Centre to cap everything off.

All in all, it was time well spent, since I rarely get to play with dip inks. And thiese will be necessary to expand on the calligraphy further. But more on that another time.

Now for some grainy gallery photos, because I didn’t check my camera settings after the roller derby back in June.

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