Zinestars Zine Fair Round Up

Zine Stars Fair Round-up

I’ve been a bit busy and distracted of late on some other things rising over the horizon. So this is really just to show what I picked up at the Zinestars Zine Fair last weekend.

Exposure – Mini-comics created and collected by the ACT Comics Meet.

Art Underground vols 1-4 – Poetry and words collected from the Art Underground nights that happen every second Friday night of the month.

From Here to Naivety – Pete Huet
More stories from Pete, not exactly sure what they are yet.

The Girls at Work – Pete Huet
Quotes made from conversations where eaves dropped. Actually, I read this one cover-to-cover and then paid for it.

Brick -Sketch zine from the popular graf mural artist Byrd

Friends by Three Falling Leaves
Another round of sketches from Alice.

Things That Should Not Be – Another mini-comics anthology.

I’ve only given these a glance, on account of other things. Though I might see if I can take them with me.

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