Trip Log 2: Reykjavík

I have decided to keep these posts short out of necessity. I really don’t have much time. Anyway, there was some dramas getting to Reykjavík, but the end of the day, my current travelling buddy, Josh and I made it into Iceland. So it’s two years of waiting and planning finally bearing fruit. We also managed to catch up with another friend, Phil, who I had travelled with previously to the USA and around the Antipodes.

Reykjaviík is an unusual place, not quite what I expected, but my graffiti-sense has been going ballistic, with murals and other street art. The house and building design is unique, with each place having personality. Every building is seemingly made from concrete in order to resist earthquakes. There are some nice bars and restaurants in the city centre, which are worth checking out.

I checked out one of the three galleries that bear the city’s name. Hafnarhúsið is a contempory art gallery devoted to artist from Iceland and around the world. It is a little small but well designed and worth the price of the ticket. Hallgrímskirkja is a Lutheran church that towers over the city, and a good spot if you want to see what the town looks like from above. Also, the overcast weather is what I’m after.

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