Trip Log 5: East Bound

The area around Lake Mývatn had offered several sites, and so Josh and I hung out with a pair of Canadians, Karen and Brian to check out Dimmuborgir and Höfði. Dimmuborgir is the remnants of a violent eruption a couple of millennia ago. And all that remains are these ruinous structures. After the Canadians had to make their way to Kopasker, Josh and I drove up to Krafla past the geothermal powerplant to look at the Víti Crater. Both were interesting in their own right.

We left the lake, heading east. After watching the sheer power of Dettifoss, we drove through Egilsstaður to Seyðisfjörður. There, we found old wooden houses, the Skaftfell Arts Centre and the docking point for the Smyril Line a ferry that runs through Denmark, the Faeroes and Iceland. After that spent a night at Hallormsstaður, a hotel surrounded by autumnal forest

And then the next morning, we headed south to Höfn. On the way, our GPS did something weird and we ended up stopping at this place, decorated with two whale skeletons. The guy who owned the place ran a small exhibition of animal skeletons and rocks he acquired from across Iceland. After that, it was Höfn and then to the Hoffell guesthouse. The place was a farm, which backed onto a nearby glacier. Josh and I hiked over rough and wet terrain to find it sitting in a pool of it’s own waters. A quick march and a change of clothes later, we had reindeer burgers. It was also my birthday.

Right now, Josh and I are in the process of heading back west to Reykjavík, so I’ll post another update soon.

And now photos:

One thought on “Trip Log 5: East Bound

  1. The Dimmuborgir trail was one of my favorite spots in the east. I love how the trees are all fall colors! So pretty! It was just getting green when I was there in June. I dropped my film from the hike off to be developed today, so I’m excited to see what it looks like.

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