Still Alive

I’m still alive. A month of silence will probably make people wonder what that hell I have doing for the last month.

The answer is not much. I’m trying to finish a five-part comic script. Experimenting with more glyphs has dried up a bit.

I had to move house, and a little before that found out that my job was kaput. So now I’m living with new people and I have a new job. The new place is fine, I had my dark little corner lit by the screen of Videodrome.


Except I learned earlier that I have move out by January as the owners want to move back in. Making this the third time I had to move in about six months.

The new job is a little more interesting, only because I am marked as a visitor and escorted everywhere. To top this off, I’m in a place in the city where there is practically nothing in walking distance. And hell, even working out near the airport had two cafes. I feel like I’ve been sent to the moon. Fortunately, other have cars and also want for better lunches and views.

And I don’t know how long this gig will be, it’s either a matter of weeks or months. Either way, at the end I’m hopping on a plane to somewhere else when it happens.

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