In The Post

Some holiday purchases I made over the break had finally come in through the post.

First is the Pocket Piano by Critter & Guitari. It’s a fun little noisemaker with a few features, making it a neat starting synth. Though at some point, I know I’m going to be dropping money on a Korg analog synth or a theremin of some description. Especially, if they are as fun as this wooden-keyed toy.

Next is the latest edition of the Buddha Machine, being the 5th to be sent out into the world by Chinese Lounge duo, FM3. This new machine contains noises that feature on their latest album Ting Shuo, which is currently available on BandCamp. So I guess I’ll be patiently waiting until they drop their entire back catalog there as well.

So I guess this weekend I won’t be bored…

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