New Music

So lately, I’ve been a scanning through Bandcamp for new music. It was a resolution of sorts to avoid purchasing CDs, LPs and DVDs where I could because I already have heaps. Bandcamp is fairly decent in providing a broad range of music (despite the weird checkout system).

I’ve been into drone and ambient music of late. The kind of stuff that will help me write and work. Mono cube certainy provides that kind of dark atmosphere that I was looking for.

Noveller – Artifact
This is a pretty cool solo guitar project of ~ from Austin. The set up sounds pretty straightforward; a guitar with a delay/loop pedal (possibly with others) tweaked and warped to create different layers of sound.


Northumbria – Helluland
Stark, dark landscapes dominate in this album composed from low and slow synth. I had to stop listening to this at one point, because I was getting a weird vibe similar to the kind I get from Fantomâs *Delerium Coridia*.
That’s a good thing, mind you.


Sun Araw – On Patrol
And earlier album in the back catalogue, it is an experimental sound of psychedelic notes and tones. The kind of album made on a Californian beach in the year 20XX and sent back into the Eighties.

Polaroid Notes – The Long Bright Dark
Nice roomy ambience with improvisational piano keying when needed.


Here’s a few other things:
As for other things I’ve picked up on Bandcamp, the fact that Sunn O))), Lustmord, and Mono have their back catalogues on the site is extremely important. Venetian Snares also has a growing catalogue of music, along with FM3. And you can find Acid Mothers Temple around the joint too. I’m just waiting MMOB to hit the site as well, along with White Hills

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