New Music

A few weeks ago, I sat through a Slamboree and listened to a miniset of Reuben Ingall and he happened to be selling USBs of his work. I picked up one and it didn’t work. While I waited for a new one to come through the post, another buddy lent me the one he bought.

Basically, the USB seems fairly complete back catalogue of his work. Some of it sounds like a finished product, or tracks from the Sucks album sound like assembled notes and drafts. Which is interesting for me, because I don’t hear many demos, draft recordings, or back matter when it comes music. Normally, with music when it does hit the shelves (or band camp), it is a very polished product. And so, I like the rawness of Reuben’s sounds and the evolution of his work. It’s rare to hear that and even more so in one package.

For some of this stuff check out his bandcamp, soundcloud, tumblr and other social junk.

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