So over the last month, I’ve been spending a few weekends at the Megalo Printing Studio. First, I needed to wrap a screen printing project that I started way back in April and May. Back then, it was a day of failure trying to register a second colour to finish up some posters. This time, I just wanted to relax and make some basic posters based on my asemic writing/calligraphy project (most of which you can see here). I ended up attempting to marble the a few of the prints in red and black. And I now have a decent stack of prints to sell.

Secondly, there was a lithography class that Megalo offered. I had been waiting for one for sometime, so I sunk the money into attending the class. Lithography is where you draw an image on a smoothed block of rare limestone. Then through some miraculous process of chemistry (involving turps, bitumen, gum arabic and acid) you can force ink into the stone and create some nicely detailed prints. Unfortunately, I probably forced too much ink into the stone and my final print was a bit too dark. The class was useful though. It’s not exactly suited to the calligraphy work. I had to (quickly) learn how to write my own work backwards, with a brush and on a surface I couldn’t touch with my hands just so the oils from my skin didn’t end up in my print. This kind of thing is probably suited to more illustrations, where some degree of imperfection is accepted. So I’ll probably work on this on the new year. But I do have the stone for a month (or at least another two weeks), so I should probably consider doing something with this rock.

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