Noted Festival & Plans

For those who follow my tumblr, probably know that I have an asemic writing project that has been running for a couple of years now.

So after filling out some forms, I’m now a part of the Noted Festival. I’ve got a workshop, Unreadable, running on the 20th March. The workshop will be about asemic writing and give opportunity for people to play with some pens, brushes and ink.

I’m also a part of the Independent Publishing Fair on the same day. And currently, I’m in the process of getting new material to sell for it.

There’s a heap of other publishers at the fair, so I’m interested to see some familiar faces there. I haven’t checked out the other workshops in great detail yet, but there should be something that’s interesting.

I have other plans with Megalo since I renewed my membership. I mostly expect i’ll be running more screen prints.

I had submitted something to a publisher, but it recently was rejected. So now I have to find another one to make an art book… Or print it myself.

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