Asemic Workshop

Last week, I ran my asemic writing workshop. Everyone who attended did some great work.m Things seemed to go well. I’m not sure what else to write about. Asemic writing for me seems to be this hidden kind of art. It sits between abstract expressionism and visual poetry. There is a certain aesthetic of lettering and font faces that becomes the focus with asemic writing rather than the actual message of text. It would also explain the hours I’ve blown looking for new fonts.

I also had a table at the Noted Festival Independent Publishing Fair. I made more sales while at my workshop than behind my table (Thanks to Duncan, Ash & Shu–Ling for watching over my stuff). Not be honest I don’t think I’ll have a table to myself and run a workshop. I couldn’t cover the fair, which was ultimately what I prefer to do.

Either way, I’m taking a short break from the calligraphy thing to work on writing a book and improving my drawing skills.

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