Brisbane Trip

So I spent the last week visiting family and a couple of friends in Queensland.  And take some time out to draw and write some things.

I was also in Brisbane and took a few photos of the headline exhibition at QAG and GOMAThe Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.  The show features art from around Asia, far as Russia, filling the volumes of both gallery’s spaces.  The pieces that caught my eye the most were the finely detailed painting from Mongolian artists (particularly Baatazorig Batjargal’s Nomads, and Tsherein Sherpa painted banners).  And something I dubbed the “Human Centipantopony”. You’ll know when you see it. The show closes on April 10, so if you’re in Brisbane, it’s well worth checking out before it’s gone.

My time in Brisbane was short and sweet.  Catching up with a couple of friends from way back was a nice way to end the trip.  Overall, I did get a few things down on paper, but maybe more on that later.

Here is a sample of photos I took while I was away.

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