YAH – Twin Pedals

You Are Here is back again, the free arts festival is running through the week and I’m covering what I have seen so far:

I managed, somehow to wing my way into Twin Pedals. It was a concept drone piece based on the race between two cyclists, Hinault and LeMond, in the Tour de France. It featured Shoeb Ahmad, Hannah de Feyter, Benjamin Drury and Evan Dorrian (the first and last in that list I remember from Spartak. Together they provided an hour-long ensemble of drones, sample loops, percussion, strings and guitar. Behind them in the ruined bar were several banners stitched together, by Kate Ahmad from old cycling gear to represent certain stages of the Tour de France from which the backdrop of the contest between the riders was held. That story is interesting and a google search will reveal that in more detail.

The piece contained several movements which seamlessly flowed from one into the next. It was something you could really sink into. I really hope someone has made a recording of it. Not to cheapen the event and what I listened to, but to better remember it. I find that with music events like this, the sounds are too fleeting in my memory. I might remember what people looked like, what they were wearing. But what is sounded like is vague at best.

Otherwise, I’ll have to talk to the organizers about being something of a official/unofficial audio bootlegger for the festival…

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