YAH – Last Bits

You Are Here is over now, sent back to its tomb until next year. Here’s the last bits that I saw:

Bite The Hand That Feeds You
Mark Fletcher and Bernie Slater talk about arts funding and funding art that is deemed offensive. That really doesn’t sum up what was covered during the enlightening discussion between artist Bernie Slater, political/law commentator Mark Fletcher and moderated by Ginger Gorman. They covered a few subtopics around taxpayer art funding, how that money is utilised and whether it should go to one project and not another And then taking questions from the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed Mark and Bernie’s perspectives.

Ready Cut Residency

Aaron Kirby, Ellie Malbon and Cissi Tsang spent a weekend out in back-burning forest, to build the basis of their performance tonight, a mix of prose and poetry against music procedurally generated from photos.

The performance was about the inability to survive in the wilderness due to our tame and insured lives within civilisation. It’s reminiscent of the Eucapocalypse that Aaron and Ellie performed last year for You Are Here. It’s poignant as our lives always seem teetering on the edge of this epoch’s cliff. Sic transit gloria, eh.

The last thing for YAH, aside from the after party, was another set from Ghostnoises and Happy Axe. Great to hear them again.

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