Recent News

glyph-carpetSo for the last few weeks I have been gathering the energy and material for an art show in Hobart in last September/early October. I had almost everything organised, when the gallery owners pulled the plug on the show.

Now I’m attempting to cobble together another show elsewhere in Hobart as it will coincide with a holiday I was taking. I’m also planning to stay in Melbourne for a bit.

Other than that, I am trying to write a book and compile enough material together for a photography zine. I found my old holga camera, which I’ve been taking random snaps with, in the vain hope the shots will not be out-of-focus, motion-blurred obscure messes. At least something with nice light leaks.

I finished an old roll of film in one of my OM-10s. The other I’m going to fill up with Portra film to at least see what the result is. I have my 35mm lens on my X-T1, which gives me a nice lens to take portraits with, or the occasional show in town, because of low light.

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