Other Worlds Zine Fair

The Other Worlds Zine Fair was on again for a third year running. It began as the protest zine fair against one of the sponsors of the MCA. And both were run on the same day in previous years. But not this time. Great for me really, because running between two concurrent fairs is exhausting. The first was held in the Central Park Tower, the second in Glebe Town Hall. And the third, just this weekend gone, in the Marrickville Town Hall. And they could not have chosen a better venue. It is a massive building and well suited to the 60 plus tables (I’m guessing really) that filled out the hall. And despite the crowd, it didn’t get congested like last year. And with so many tables, I bought a lot of swag.

I also managed to catch up with some good friends. One, an actual surprise meeting, so afterwards it was nice to chat over beers and food. It’s been a busy weekend.

And now photos:

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